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How to Be Happy and Healthy

Date Added: April 25, 2015 11:14:28 AM
Author: Pulse -Impulse
Category: Health: Fitness
Somebody once asked Lord Buddha, “After meditating for years, I have not been able to gain anything.” Then Lord Buddha asked, “Did you lose anything?” The disciple said, “Yes, I lost my anger, desires, expectations and ego.” Buddha smiled and said, “That is what your gain is by meditating.” To be happy, one must learn to let go the following: • One should let go of the desires. • Let go of your expectations. • Let go of your ego. • One should let go of his or her ego but also remember never to hurt somebody’s ego • • Let go of your attachments. • Let go of your habit of criticizing, complaining and condemning people. One should always practice non-violent communication and speak which is truth, necessary and kind. One should not criticize, condemn or complain about people, situation and events. Wayne • Let go of your habit of blaming others: One should learn to take the responsibilities and people believe in team work. Good leader is the one who learns to be responsible in life. • Let go of your need to be always right: It is a form of ego. Remember, in arguments either you can win arguments or relationships. Always try to win relationship and not arguments. • Let go of your need to control situations, events and people: Learn to accept people as they are. The world is won by those who let this habit go. • Let go of your habit and the need to impress others: This is also a type of ego where we always seek appreciation. • Give up your belief that you cannot do it: Remember ‘IMPOSSIBLE’ is ‘I M POSSIBLE’. A belief is not an idea held by the mind but it is an idea that holds the mind. • Give up your resistance to change: Remember change is the only constant which will happen and always welcome it. • Let go of your fear and all negative thoughts: Remember, the mind is a superb instrument if used rightly. It becomes very destructive if used badly. • Let go of your habit of giving excuses. Let go of always being in the past.